I hope you’re excited about you’re new chapter in life … college. Oh yes, one of the major keys to the American Dream. I was a freshman twice in my life so I guess you can say I have a little bit of experience. I am going share a bit of my freshman journey with you.

Let’s start with my senior year of high school . Senior year was one of the best years of my entire education. I had little to no stress except when I was applying to colleges and waiting on acceptance letters. Unfortunately, I did not get into my dream school (yes I know, *tear tear*), but I had to realize that it wasn’t going to make me or break me. Fast forward to the end of my senior year of high school and I decided to attend a university that I did not know much about. Some of you read that thinking, “why would you do such a thing?” My answer is that I figured it would be much more of an experience. Of course, I did some research on the university before I landed on campus in the fall, but it was still unfamiliar.

Now at this part of my journey, it’s the fall of 2015 and I am freshman at my new “home by the sea.” My freshman year went by so quick and I learned so much about myself and others. Attending a school that is out of state is an experience in itself. I really learned to use my resources being away from home. Everything that was a quick access back home was not so easy to get anymore. It also pushed me out of my comfort zone a little bit. Being uncomfortable is not a great feeling, but there is always a chance of a great outcome or opportunity from that experience. Try not to become complacent because it makes it harder to accomplish goals and aspirations. Push yourself.

I also met a lot of good people on the way.  Sometimes we choose to attend schools where we know people who are already going there, I did the same thing. There was some beauty in that because it helped made the transition easier. One thing that can be a take away though, is that you may or may not want to venture out to other people. Try not to do this. Go out, meet people and have fun. I mean that is the reason why we choose to go to college, right? Yeah, we came for the education too, but networking and connecting with people can take you so far. While you’re making connections with your peers, also make connections with your professors. It will help you in the long run for various reasons. This is something I’m still learning myself.

Meeting new people and going out is great. All freshman should do it even if you’re on the shy side such as myself. Learn how to balance your social life and classes. You’re classes are important, trust me. I have always been told that “college is hard.” Therefore, going into college with that mindset made me work hard and take it more serious. So when I was doing my work, I thought to myself “it could be harder” or “it’s not that bad.” School was something that has always been easy for me to grasp. Oh, but when I got to college I had to learn how to study. I had to actually put in some work to receive good grades. It really takes self-discipline to get organized and to complete assignments. You’re really going to want to sleep , watch Netflix, or go out, but when you’re assignment is due at 11:59, it gets real. You also want to have a time to go over and proof-read your work before it has to be submitted. So with that being said, try to plan things out to your best ability. What really helped me was that I had a planner,  I schedule things and set reminders on my phone because I knew it was with me 24/7.

Going to college is suppose to be fun, enjoy yourself. You have to make your own experiences, step out of your comfort zone and really strive to get your education. Life (college) is what you make it. There will be times when you feel like giving up and you think to yourself, “working in the fast food business for the rest of my life, doesn’t seem so bad.” I’m telling you, you’re going to encounter some L’s, but I’m also telling you DO NOT GIVE UP! You can do it, just focus on the bigger picture and why you are there. Don’t allow negativity to consume your mind. You have a purpose regardless of what anyone has told you.

If you have any more college related questions, you can ask  in the comments or you can send an email to thedandydaily@gmail.com.





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